Fracture, Paralysis, Amputation, and Electrocution

Fracture, Amputation, and Paralysis injuries, often caused by automobile, motorcycle, and slip and fall accidents, are among the most serious and catastrophic forms of injury. Fracture, Loss, or paralysis of part or all of a limb or of multiple limbs can often leave an injured person unable to work or function as he or she once did.

The loss of the ability to work presents special considerations and requires skillful handling by attorneys experienced in representing those with fracture, amputation, or paralysis injuries. Very often the injury requires surgery or a prosthetic replacement limb which must be replaced periodically over the injured person's lifetime. Multiple surgeries or prosthetic limbs may be necessary to accommodate different uses. Surgeries or prosthetics impose a significant expense that should be properly documented, presented, and claimed.

People with fracture, amputation, or paralysis injuries also face the risk of many associated medical problems, including severe arthritis, neuromas, phantom limb pain, gait change, and extensive rehabilitation and therapy to adjust to life without a limb or with damaged limbs. These issues must be addressed if any resolution of an injured person's  claims is to provide full and fair compensation. John Christopher Maples has significant experience in this area of the law and can help you with your claim.

Electrocution injuries are among the most dangerous and insidious injuries that a person can suffer. The effects of the damage can appear suddenly or years later. Progressive deterioration and progressively worsening symptoms are common. If you have suffered a severe electric shock, it can result in: burn injuries, hearing loss, vision loss, extreme unrelenting pain, loss of mobility, hair loss, loss of bowel and bladder control, uncontrollable spasms, traumatic brain injury, depression, mood changes, heart damage, dental damage, damage to the spinal cord, damage to the nervous system, and more. Attorney John Christopher Maples has experience in dealing with serious cases of electrocution and can direct to the best resources available (ie. - CETRI, the Chicago Electrical Trauma Research Institute). DO NOT TRY AND HANDLE AN ELECTROCUTION CASE ALONE!      

Contact John Christopher Maples for a personalized review of your claim and a plan for recovery. After a catastrophic fracture, amputation, paralysis, or electrocution injury, don't hesitate to obtain legal counsel who can prosecute these often complicated claims to the fullest extent of our laws.